Educational project

Our educational project has four basic pillars:

  • The first is the necessity for good understanding with the families. In order that infants develop their personalities, their cognitive and affective capacity and their autonomy, it is essential that they find themselves in a relaxed environment of tranquillity full of security and trust. To achieve this, it is necessary that there is respect and cordiality between the nursery and the family.
  • The second point, and just as important as the first one, is acquiring habits and routines. In order for the child to be willing to learn, they must have an inner order that they will achieve through the learning of those habits and routines. For this reason, we work daily on these and we give them a special importance.
  • The third pillar is the role of the teacher, who will be supporting the infant during their discovery adventure and their process of building a path to autonomy that they will develop for themselves. The child has to build his learning significantly; to do so, the adult has to offer motivational requests with a pedagogical purpose. Therefore, our ​​methodology is based on the Work Projects
  • We believe that the infant is someone capable, in constant development and with an active role in his learning process. Therefore, as a fourth pillar, the child has to find a rich environment in order to experiment, performing challenging activities, which allow them to reach their learning potential.